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wow, that is excellent info, where did you get that cross reference? I looked on the shop********* web site as that's where your photos were watermarked from but their "search by manufacturer part no" functionality isn't working for me. In any case your post oughta be a sticky! And the ones I got from tire rack measure 1-11/16" *overall length* which is just about 43mm which implies that the measurements are total overall length of the valve stems (not to the shoulder,) and that they are in fact selling the equivalent of the 36111095375 part number. Now if there were just some way I could measure the 36136775937s that are now mounted in my 230s which have tires on them - or cross reference it to the RDV003 49mm - #36111095374 we'd have this issue fully documented.

Edit: I found this site:


x-refs to BMW part numbers, but not the one I was looking for... but may be helpful to others, if you get the p/n off realoem.

Edit2: Punching in 36 11 1 095 374 to realoem that is a "black" valve stem but appears to be used on different wheels. Mystery remains. Wish I'd seen your post while the valve stems were still off my car so I could measure them. Unfortunately the originals apparently had to be cut off due to corrosion so they can't be measured.

Edit3: Armed with more information, I did some more web searching - the 36136775937 valve stems appear to be ONLY used on Style 230 wheels and no others; I can't seem to find a length listed anywhere. I *knew* I should have measured them, but I was in a hurry to get my wheels/tires mounted so I didn't have to make two trips to the wheel shop... :/

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