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Man you know what your a nice guy on here and have good fitment. You want a 3 piece wheel and want to go wider still so I ain't gonna knock you for the reps gotta start with something. For the front it sucks for you and the damn plastic fender with a 10 the 225/35 can give you some clearance do you have plates upfront? As for the rear 12s would look sick on your shit I got some rear camber arms as well so I can fine tune the fitment and would help you as we'll when you grab the 12s. It's always fun to figure out how to make it work and fit that's what I love lost about it. As for my car right now its winter and snow and salt all over the roads so haven't even started to mess with my set up. Should warm up within the month so I will start test fitting and messing with everything then.

I do not have any plates or camber arms right now, caught some front camber by taking off those alignment pins, front fitment may allow me to pull off just getting wider rears and not going wider up front? What rear camber arms do you have? and do you have those bump stops that tee suggests too?

I have to go see at some point how much strut clearance i have right now then i can really decide what offset to go with the 12" haha.

It's slowly getting drier/sunnier here...making me wonna spend time to mess with height/fitment again lmao. Are your wheels all done? Chosen tire sizes yet? I was thinking 275/30 for the 12s.

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i know i post this in amost every thread you have so you probably think i have a man crush on you but I LOVE YOUR CAR! done right man, white is right!
lmao, fellow cool asian kid! Glad you like my car!!

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johnny looks amazing!! you like the subbie or 335i better?
It's such a difficult thought haha, i truly enjoy both cars quite equally. Subaru's function and overall reliability plus cheap modability is amazing. But e92 has always been my dream so i'd have to say this car wins. But i wish i could just have both cars haha.

Slight note on performance, wrx was extremely aggressive and crazy low end torque with my stage 2 setup, so in a way it almost feels faster (especially the 335 with stock map/mods). With the procede dci and catback now though it's Not planning to upgrade the DP though.

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Clean cars and nice shots
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love your car.
Thanks for the support!!

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Amazing cars, mirin.
mirin as in sweet? haha

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what trunk lip is that? ur car.
It is a performance rep that a friend got for me, not actually sure what to call it or where to buy it lol. But there are some much higher kick performance reps for ~$250 made in taiwan that i wish i would've gotten instead...

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nice pics. is that painted trunk lip from jbspeed? are you going to get a new diffuser?
I am not sure if it's from jbspeed or not actually...sorry.

And damn it! I definitely have been thinking about diffusers lol...but again my neighborhood security sucks ass, and i am not convinced our diffusers are hard to steal? Do you have any insight?

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Awesome pics all over.

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Beautiful car man! WRX is sick too!!
Thanks!! Definitely miss the wrx at times!

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Great shots of great cars.


Never low enough.