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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
I am not a coder either but those that have coded it have already cracked that code. Its $50 in parts to get the mic wire and mic and hook to your MULF. In any case, its in the audio subforum if you want to have a search.
I know I read the thread and the video on doing it is like 5 min.. Changing the VO's isn't even coding really. But as I said I don't have a laptop that runs windows and I don't have the cable.

Went back to the dealership to pick up the parts.. Just the blue tooth antenna. Part guy had to call shop foreman to ask about the mic wire. Got a different foreman this time and he said since I have voice activation I don't need to do anything with the mic. That it would work through the MOST without any other mods. So I am going to go with them now.. He said if it ran over an hour trying to get the mic to work they would only charge me for an hour. I expect it will as from my understanding there is more than just plugging the attenna in and changing the VO's