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Originally Posted by mario0573
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Bad news boys! I might be in jail for 6 months got pulled over on i-294 south doing 90 in a 55 he said he was keeping up with me at 90 which is bullshit i was only doing 85 at tops. Got a lawyer court date is the 29th so if i don't post after you guys know what happened.
i feel your pain
i had a similar incident about 3 months ago
i was going 91 in a 45 NB on 294 by the balmoral exit
State trooper was at the base of the oasis ramp doing Lidar
caught me from 750 yrs away!!!!
it was the last week for the Construction zone
anyways he wrote the ticket for 40 and over the limit (no metionoin of the Construction)
i didn't realize how serious it was till i looked it up ( hadent had a ticket over 10 years)
40 and over is a Class a misdemeanor now that is permanent on your record if convicted and your insurance will Quadruple.
i got an awesome lawyer on retainer from because of my clean record he got it dropped to a petty 25 over i now have 4hrs of School online
it cost me 500 for the lawyer and 509 for the ticket.
Now i have Waze on my phone and i tag every Cop i see as revenge
anyone needs his name and number can msg me
don't count on the cop not showing up its the State of IL their Broke,
there was over 130 ticked people in court that day with half of them had lawyers
get there early and have your lawyer plea bargain
The bad news is, it's my second time going 30mph over the speed limit. I have a CDL they were talking about revoking my CDL because I should know better and my license is my job. He's trying to get it dropped down but it's still a hit towards me no matter what. I might be looking for another job here shortly.
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