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Why is beating a 5.0 mustang so hard to believe people glorify the "juice box tune" plus at 7000 feet the mustang basically suffocates being N/A so either way I beat the car. and I am excited about it tomorrow Im adding 30% E85 any idea how much hp I could gain from the e85 on map 5?
running e85 is awesome but it gets addictive and you will want to buy a fuel pump and get a cobb for a backend flash. You can run around 40% e85 maybe 50% on stock fueling and you will pick up good power on map 5. Im currently on a walbro 455 in tank fuel pump with Terry's backend flash and i run 100% e85 and love it. In fact a car was just dynoed with jb4 g5 and a backend flash running 50/50 e85 stock intercooler stock cat back with downpipes who put down 450whp.
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my car isnt an M3 but sometimes some girls ask me if it is and i say yes and then have wild sex with them... in my non-M3.