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Post 25% OFF - till 2/28 Active Autowerke 325i, 328i, 330i Flash Tune

$499 Original Price
$375 Sale Price - Expires 2/28/13

Please PM me if you are interested as the schedule will fill up pretty quickly.

Hey guys,

We have been an Active Autowerke dealer for quite some time and we have had a ton of success with their tunes on every BMW platform. We are proud to be the only dealer in the area to be an official software station. We have the equipment to flash in house - no drama.

Active tunes have proven to be incredibly consistent, reliable and they work as advertised every single time. Sounds like a simple accomplishment, but it's not - trust me. Solid peak power gains, better power under the curve, improved throttle response and smoother delivery = WIN.

So, we are quite excited to see that the boys at Active improved their already nice tune for the E9X 325i and 330i.


325i, 328i 330i - Stage 2! 20+hp gains. The engineers at Active dug deeper into the code to unlock more power and driveability through variable valve lift and cam timing. Everyone with this tune is quite thrilled with the results.

Key Features:
-Improved Gas Mileage
-Sportier throttle response
- Available for 91-93 octane
-Smoother pulls through RPM band
-Off Road options for cars without cats
-Increase RPM Limiter for Manual Cars
-15 HP gain & 12 ft lbs of torque.
-Expect Higher Gains with bolt on Modifications.

Quote from a happy customer in FL (arctic330i)
"The new tune is butter smooth with constant power through the entire RPM band in every gear. The throttle lag has also been reduced even further, it is really responsive now! With the new tune, from about 5500 to 6500 the car flies, as seen in the dyno. It's amazing really what the valve tronic editing has done to the overall feel of the car. With traction off I could get serious wheel spin in first. I also got wheel spin starting in M2 from a dead stop!"

How To Buy:
1. Purchase the flash on our website.
2. We will contact you to schedule an appointment. You can either leave the car with us for a few hours, or hang out in our showroom and enjoy wi-fi, coffee/tea and constant entertainment from our sales team We are 5 minutes from Center City so we can drop you anywhere you like for a few hours.
3. We can also provide the tune via a SIMON tool (+$350) PM for details.


1. So, who is running this tune? 100s of folks here on e90Post alone - all can be found in the official AA thread and the seem to love it.
2. Can I dyno the car at your facility? Absolutely. If we do a few cars in a day we can offer a discounted rate that is lower than our already competitive pricing. Mustang AWD500. Click here for details!
3. Dyno sheet? This is from Andrew@Active.
Brian Casella
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