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Originally Posted by AlterZgo View Post
...6MTs are dinosaurs. They are slower, less efficient, and can be a pain in hours of stop and go traffic. But, they add a massive amount of fun to driving, have a very direct feel, and are virtually indestructible if you decide to add more power.
I'm also a manual transmission commuter in SoCal. I change my route to find the path with the least intersections and least stop-and-go traffic. I avoid the really bad traffic areas of "the grid", like the areas near downtown L.A.

When traffic is flowing I don't mind shifting at all. It keeps me from getting bored. I find the prospect of driving a sports or GT car with a conventional torque-converter automatic transmission to be an unexciting prospect.

A few points:

1. Manual transmission 335i is NOT slower. BMW's published data shows 0-60 mph 0.2 seconds faster than AT. Only the 335is/M3 DCT is faster than the manual.

Fuel economy is the same with both transmissions, based on EPA estimates.

When I state the above, usually someone posts something like this:

"Yeah, yeah, Mr. double-clutching race school graduate, what about a really bad driver launching badly and shifting slowly in the manual 335i vs. another idiot in an auto trans 335i who just stomps and steers? The auto would be faster then right?"

Yes, if you want to go as fast as possible with no skill needed on your part by just stomping and steering, the ZF 6AT in the 335i does a pretty damn good job from what I hear, and you will beat a bad driver in a 6MT 335i.

2. Contrary to a persistent myth (probably started by car salesmen who didn't have manual 335is to sell and wanted to B.S. the buyers) manual 335i N54 does NOT cut boost during shifts (it cuts ignition timing instead to maintain turbo rpms).

3. Due to certain peculiarity of the 335i (probably a lightweight flywheel) I learned quickly that to upshift smoothly in normal driving, you need to -just barely- lift your right (throttle) foot during the upshift (not lifting substantially like in most cars). If you upshift really fast you can even "freeze" your right foot not lifting at all (light partial throttle acceleration). Others members here have confirmed this. If I'm barely lifting at all, there's going to be net zero reduction in turbo rpm during the upshift.

Originally Posted by Quasimodem View Post
Nope. A stick is just busy work -- work one does to make oneself feel better about not having to work too hard to receive a benefit. If I feel the psychological need to take some credit for my transportation, I will ride a bike.
Dude, you have a 335d, cool car, but it's only available in 6AT. So it's not like you had a choice. As far as your psychological analysis... It's not about busy work, it's about CONTROL.

Originally Posted by GChase View Post
...Choosing an AT came down to the fact that there is a larger abundance of used ATs than MTs, which means better options, and much cheaper prices. Sad that BMW doesn't reduce MSRP of a new car and charge more for AT.
(my emphasis)

Interesting... can anyone else confirm/deny the pricing issue? I only seriously looked at 6MT 335i, I never compared AT and MT car with similar year/miles/options.

Also, now that BMW has made the 6AT standard equipment and the 6MT an option (option code ZMT), they are basically charging a "manual transmission tax" of about $1500.- since that is what you used to have to pay for the 6AT option (the manual trans is cheaper to manufacture).

This more than anything else is going to kill of the traditional manual transmission BMW.

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