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ECS Tuning = terrible service, bad review. Zero stars.

I guess this is a bad review/rant thread. Well my car was misfiring in 3 cylinders and running very rich. Had it diagnosed, and needed new injectors. I was referred to the ECS Tuning website. They were selling the part I needed for 121$ a piece. I called the dealer, they quoted me $210. I decided the 2 day wait was worth it. Did 2 days shipping, and after 3 days, I receive an email stating that the part is no longer offered, and BMW has a new part number for the injectors. No big deal, they sent me a link with 2 injectors, one listed $110 and the other listed for $206, both with the same BMW part number, just different ECStuning part number. So I decide to call them, just to confirm which is correct. I did not want any mix up, since my car has been down for 4 days now. They confirmed on the phone that the $110 one was the correct price and that they can switch my order over the phone for me. Now once again I did 2 day shipping, on the 3rd day I receive the same email, stating this part is no longer available, order the $206 alternative. This was a HUGE waste of time, I just ordered the part from BMW for $210.

They should have informed me about the part on the day I ordered. Not when it was supposed to arrive to my address. Not once, but twice.

Next time, I will probably just order it from GetBMWParts. I should have, they have it listed for $191 a piece. I need it fast now, that is why I went to the dealer. GetBMWParts has always been very professional. I had the same issue with them before, and they offered free next day shipping when I contacted them. ECStuning, should have at least offered free shipping for the HUGE waste of time.

I would say avoid them, unless you really need to use their service.