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I went to see techevo today, brilliant guy and a true enthusiast. His workshop is full of interesting drivetrain/suspension components

Took me around in his E91, which had the Ohlins kit and M3 bits, and i was nearly about to cling on! I guess i am used to the awful m-sport suspension, and my brain just thought it's going to get hairy!

The car was amazing. It really did feel like it was running on rails and nothing could unsettle it, very impressive. I also had a drive and the damping is amazing. When going over speed humps i would normally slow right down, but in his you can carry on like its not there, and still the car feels like it's landing on a pillow! I can't comprehend how that is possible whilst also being firm at the same time in other scenarios.

Admittingly he did replace a few suspension bits, so some of the improvements were probably down to that, but the damping is much better. It's how BMWs should come out of the factory. Oh and this was on a quite firm setting as well, 8 clicks from the max hardness!
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