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Originally Posted by braveplayer3160 View Post
Thanks for the update. I suspect that many of the other potential coders problems are driver related more than most ever take into account. This is probably one of the most overlooked things that I think causes many people to give up on the coding and then they just say that the cable was bad and didnt work... Go figure.
Drivers were definitely NOT the issue with the Amazon cable I received. I got a white circuit board version and attempted to use it on a laptop running XP with the drivers recommended here on e90post. I also attempted to use it on a Win 7 32 laptop with the drivers that Win 7 automatically loaded. After much effort nothing worked. A friend of mine ordered the same cable from the same Amazon vendor a week before me and got one with a green circuit board inside. I got a chance to try his cable a couple days ago and it worked flawlessly and instantly on both my XP setup and the Win 7 setup. On the products website on Amazon you can see the two versions in the pictures. The first pic with the cable on the CD is the white one I received that didn’t work. The third pic shows an up close pic of one with the green board like the one my friend received that worked on my setup.
Everyone’s situation is different. Some are doing everything right but have a bad cable while others have a good cable but don’t know what they’re doing.