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Originally Posted by 335BBS View Post
Limited Slip Differential. Its only available on M cars I believe. This guy must have aftermarket LSD. Unless your car is x drive its basically a 1 wheel drive car without lsd which is one reason they are so bad in snow. Everyone here that says today was fine with rwd and winter tires has a strange definition of fine. I saw a few stuck on very slight grades. I never would have made it through my Sons school parking lot in mine.
i meant it was "fine" as in terms of not spending time spinning my tires or getting stuck.. not sliding around too much, and being able to get up and down every slope/turn/road condition that i came across on my way to work. I saw suvs and cars slipping and sliding around struggling for traction, and i was able to go on the same roads without any trouble (they probably don't have winter tires).