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Originally Posted by Mr.Ritz View Post
The foreman yesterday told me that the only thing needed to be done was the antenna attached and the coding. That the MOST cable running from MULF2 could use the mic or something. That after I attach the antenna if it takes them more than an hour they wont charge me O.O

So I am out there dropping the trim pannel and I don't see where this MOST connector is. Also, I assume all cars with MULF2 have that extra cable that runs from the mulf over to the trim panel? I guess the phone prep has more to do with having the mic?
I'm not sure what you're talking about, or why you keep bringing up MOST. If you have Sirius prep, there will be a second MOST cable sitting loose under your floor panel in the trunk, but that's totally irrelevant here.

What's probably easiest is if you just yank up the trunk floor and take a picture for us.

I will say: If the SA says it's easy AND HAS ACTUALLY LOOKED IN YOUR TRUNK, you probably have phone prep and everything's... easy.

HOWEVER: I had an SA once tell me "retrofit bluetooth? your car already has it!" "Uh, no it doesn't, it's a base model and that's an option it doesn't have." "No they all came with bluetooth in '09 on." "No, no that's just not correct." "Let's look... Huh, that's weird, it doesn't have bluetooth."

Then he never called back to actually let me know what they'd charge to retrofit.

Point being, with exceptions for the type of info only available to BMW employees, this forum knows collectively more than plenty of SAs.