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Originally Posted by alexwhittemore View Post
I'm not sure what you're talking about, or why you keep bringing up MOST. If you have Sirius prep, there will be a second MOST cable sitting loose under your floor panel in the trunk, but that's totally irrelevant here.

What's probably easiest is if you just yank up the trunk floor and take a picture for us.

I will say: If the SA says it's easy AND HAS ACTUALLY LOOKED IN YOUR TRUNK, you probably have phone prep and everything's... easy.

HOWEVER: I had an SA once tell me "retrofit bluetooth? your car already has it!" "Uh, no it doesn't, it's a base model and that's an option it doesn't have." "No they all came with bluetooth in '09 on." "No, no that's just not correct." "Let's look... Huh, that's weird, it doesn't have bluetooth."

Then he never called back to actually let me know what they'd charge to retrofit.

Point being, with exceptions for the type of info only available to BMW employees, this forum knows collectively more than plenty of SAs.
lol I already had that issue of showing them the MULF2 and them telling me it cant be enabled. I went back the second time to get the parts to do it myself and got to speak to a foreman who has done retrofits before.. He looked it at pulled the MULF2 out and said all I needed to do is attach an anennta and have coding.. Either way he said if there were complications getting it to work correctly they wont charge me over the hour..

So yeah I read on page one lol and I have the same cable set up as this guy. I have sat prep and no phone prep so it looks like this cable in the back runs up to the shark fin for sat prep. Anyone know the name of the cable they use for the blue tooth annetna. I have a feeling I can get it cheap at frys but don't know the name.