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Need help :'(

So I live in Boston and we are currently going through a massive snow storm, I took my bimmer out for about an hour to pick up a friend (before the storm got bad) when the storm got bad, I decided to take my friend home.. I wasn't going fast but the ground was snow covered, I take a turn and slide just a tad, just enough for my back tire to hit the curb.. It wasn't hard, just scraped my rim a tad.. until I started driving, I noticed my front alignment was WAY off, and the back of my car kept drifting and my traction control light came on.. So I was like "fuck, I need an alignment to fix this".. I continue driving with the problem, dont want to get stuck in the storm with a broken car.. So while driving my 4x4 and DSC "malfunction".. My front wheels are unaligned from the slide and hit and this error message came up... Any one know what's wrong? I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow pending on weather but I'm extremely nervous please help and don't hate, I'm already in a trash mood
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