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I do not have any plates or camber arms right now, caught some front camber by taking off those alignment pins, front fitment may allow me to pull off just getting wider rears and not going wider up front? What rear camber arms do you have? and do you have those bump stops that tee suggests too?

I have to go see at some point how much strut clearance i have right now then i can really decide what offset to go with the 12" haha.

It's slowly getting drier/sunnier here...making me wonna spend time to mess with height/fitment again lmao. Are your wheels all done? Chosen tire sizes yet? I was thinking 275/30 for the 12s.

I have plates upfront and arms for the rear. I have the Megan arms for the rear as well as I'm running those bumpstops as well. You should defiantly pick some FK bumpstops up and the adjustable rear arms are always a great idea. Why not go wider if you can upfront man. Just check your clearance and then figure out how wide you wanna go and determine offsets

Its still snowy here just got about 30cm today actually so nothing is being messed with yet on my car i wish i can mess with wheels height and fitment but that's not happening soon. My wheels are a done just need to get some good weather back my way. I know what tire size I will be going just waiting for the weather