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Originally Posted by Jake@PTF View Post
The problem lays in logic control. Separating the widebands after the turbo requires rewriting the logic of the DME to allow both banks to fuel identically because they will be seeing identical mixtures. This means they need a way to actually change code on the ROM and not just tables. While it is great to talk about - its a very different thing to be successful. Cobb has a lot of custom code for many different things in their flash. Things written to allow them to do things the dme did differently or limited or didn't want happening to limit power output. I hate sounding like a pessimist but its experience talking and knowledge of what is going on - not just hating. I love ETS. I use their products on multiple platforms for 700+hp applications.
Jake has a lot of experience in this platform as well as other platforms. We will have to see how this test goes over the next couple of weeks. If it's not successful we always have twins right?