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Originally Posted by GoRomeo View Post
Hi Mike, do you mind telling me which battery u got for your 330i? I am planning to buy one soon and would like to know. so no need to register huh? interesting...well I hope I dont have to either. Thanks
I wish I knew the exact one but it was a Walmart Maxx branded battery. I used their instore lookup thing at the battery aisle.

Looked the same as the old one. The clamp in the trunk fit a little different but not hard to get it to work.

As far at the recode/register issue... I know when you change types of battery (standard, agm, gel) it becomes a big deal.

But if you are sticking with the same type of battery the recode/register thing resets the adaptation so that the new battery will charge more optimally. The walmart battery has a 3 year warranty, so if it takes a shit I am returning it. I haven't had issues.