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Annoying 30FF - Low pressure side - Any input welcome

I've been dealing with this code lately. It happens when I'm in 4th giving partial throttle around 3500rpms, it doesn't always throw the code though so it isn't the easiest thing to replicate for me right now. I have a smoke test scheduled on tuesday to see if that will help determine where the leak could be. But in the meantime I wanted to see if I could find the problem myself. I'm running 91 Octane at the moment only targeting 14psi of boost. I have 37,000 miles, stock turbos, stock DV's, Stock charge pipe, Stock intercooler. I've checked the connections at the charge pipe and intercooler piping, everything seems to be snug and secure.

Some symptoms I've noticed, not sure if they can be directly related to the 30FF problem, but:

1- Idle at times is not smooth. With the AC off, RPMS should be around 680, however I'm seeing at times that my rpms are staying as high as 800 consistently, then after 2 seconds the idle will climb about 200rpms then drop back down to 800. Not once while it is idling like this will it drop to 680, it will just remain at 800. This leads me to believe its a vacuum leak. Remember this problem does not always occur, usually my car will act fine and rest at 680, only occasionally it will do this weird idling, and twice I have noticed that while the rpm is acting this way, if I go to drive in 4th, partial throttle still in boost slightly, I get the 30FF code and limp mode.

2- When partial throttle in 4th gear, I can occasionally hear my DV's sound growing louder but also sounding "spastic", as in it sounds like boost is fluctuating even though my throttle position remains the same.

3- My boost solenoids have never been replaced, but they do buzz occasionally very very loudly, I've posted a video of it before I believe. I've also read this could be due to the wg fix in the procede, so I'm not really sure if this might pertain to my issue or not.

I saw the DIY on the other forum, my only nooby question I have is, is the low pressure side considered the "cold" side? I assume cold means intake side.

Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you guys in advance

thanks to MGallop