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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
That's OPPOSITE of what a neutral car should do. A neutral car would push (what many would call understeer) with more throttle and tug (most mistaken with oversteer) with less. Something is seriously wrong with either your setup or your driving.

Here comes some worthless opinion on my part.

A build requires IDENTIFYING what is the weak point of a chassis and fixing and addressing those weak point accordingly. Throwing parts at it willy-nilly may actually exacerbate the weak point of the chassis.

In my opinion, the E9X chassis is so advanced that 90% of the issues can be resolved without touching the chassis. The BIGGEST weak point of the E9X, and 335i by extension, is the COOLING SYSTEM. If you can't address that first, fixing everything else is meaningless. By making the chassis faster, you're only exacerbating the cooling issues inherent in multiple part of the chassis.

So any talk of a build without 1) upgrading cooling for the engine and 2) upgrading cooling for the brakes and 3) upgrading heat capacity of the tires will ultimately result in a car that will be LESS drivable compared to stock. Frankly, if what you're saying is true, that you have not had any cooling issues at track (unless, of course, it's a straight track you're talking about, i.e. 1/4 mile), then the problem with your chassis, and the BIGGEST weak point of the car, is with the DRIVER.

Again. IMO. If you don't fix those weak points first, "building" out the chassis is meaningless.
sorry yeah i typed that last response on my phone and was a not really thinking of what i was saying. Just switch understeer and oversteer in that post and its what my car does. Also i have brake ducts for the front brakes as well as the thermostat mod which i havent had any problems in limp mode.
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