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Originally Posted by Daily_Driver View Post
Malibu.... does the PS feel like its 30% stiffer on the E92? Most reports that I read certainly do not lead me to think it feels like its 30% stiffer....
I did not realize that they are 30% stiffer. I would really question that. I would maybe think 15% stiffer. Its def stiffer than Sport but not all that much. The yellows paired with the PS dampers just seem like they are valved perfectly. They are stiffer than Sport but not jarring. It feels to me like an M3 taken just a step further.

I played around with the KW's and tried to get them set like the PS and just gave up on them. The KW's are great but I just felt the PS was perfect. Only downfall is I cant adjust height. However after time I think the PS on yellows dropped about 3/4 of an inch over Sport. I think they are only supposed to be like 1/2 inch drop. I will not complain about that.

We will see if they can last 50K.
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