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delete it and put it back up once shipped
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no update from my last post. As soon as i disagreed with regards to removing my posts that's been the end of that radio silence from DD.

I will just have to paint my diffuser and get it fitted or maybe I can find someone to fix it some how. Anyway i'm tired of waiting and been wanting to get a custom quad exhuast fitted since I got the diffuser.
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Yikes! I've heard mixed reviews from DD... some good, some bad. Sorry to hear OP
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Damn, and I wanted to get a diffuser from them...Looks like I'll just wrap my M-sport bumber diffuser instead.
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The OP is from the UK so its possible somehow it got lost in transit? It is their fault not yours.

I remember i bought rims from a fellow member and he made UPS package them and insure them and when they came the boxes had all the rims exposed. I contacted them and they told me it wasn't their fault and they didn't package them. I contacted the seller and he went to the UPS store and contacted corporate and made it right. At the end both parties were satisfied and I got to keep the damaged ( superficial) wheels.

This is from a member and if the company doesn't make it right contact BBB and file a complaint against them.
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thats messed up hope you get your money back i pretty much gave up on most aftermarket carbon fiber parts. Im only going with oem bmw or challenge. Ive heard a lot a bad things about DD dont know why they arent banned from the forum
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Wow I have heard mostly bad things about Duke Dynamics and a few good things. Really makes me not want to give them any sort of business in the future

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Wow, duke dynamics are DOUCHE BAGS ^ (1000) (to the power of).

These guys have zero customer service experience and I hope they burn down in business.

Who the hell tells their customer to "modify" their free speech in order to ship out a working unit? If duke dynamics does not believe they were wrong, then forget the negative comments and let life go on.

You think Lindsay Lohan have it bad with bad PR ? People deal with it. Every company, car manufacturers have a billion bad reviews out there. Yet, they can still sell cars.

If Duke wants to make this right, they should voluntarily ship the replacement part, throw in an ice cream voucher, and then the OP will naturally write a praising post. That's how it generally works.

Why must there be threats ?

Somebody needs to go to business school 101.
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Tell me about it I promised to add a positive post to this thread if they sent me a diffuser i was happy with, but as you can see by their response that wasn't good enough.

I haven't even tried to test fit it yet - knowing my luck it will be for an e92 fitment rather than an e90!
Originally Posted by M3Boston View Post

DD has so many bad reviews! The only logic thing to do would be as the rbtamms did.
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I can't wait to see how all this turns out
Originally Posted by DC_Oldboy View Post
Any update?
Originally Posted by fibonacci View Post
Thank you OP for posting that, add that to my list of sellers (incluing umnitza) to avoid at all costs.
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Wow what a shame my friend and I were both looking into their hood, trunk and diffuser from them. (E90 and e92) now I know damn well where I'm not getting them from. I'd rather buy from a company that's willing to fess up to their obvious mistake and give the customer the product they were looking for! Also ill make sure that nobody gets a recommendation for their products.
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Most effective way of getting their attention - take a video of you burning it and send it to them.
Originally Posted by boost4boobs View Post
Cheap asses DD , they are far away from doing business , just go BMW PERFORMANCE CF and you are happy , never screw around with cheap company , saw a bmw owner here with DD Diffuser and look like bad fitment .
live and learn my friend , good luck.
Originally Posted by waski View Post
Only DD makes E90 Performance Quad Diffuser ?

I want order this diffuser but Im afraid :/
Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
I hope everybody takes note, this company has no respect for its customers. I will never do bussiness with a company like that.

[To the Forums Admin, hope you don’t mind we post it here. We just want to let the members know that we are not the company they think we are. There were few negative comments here and there. Since we are not the forums sponsors here, we have no other ways to protect our products or response to the member comments.

PS. we always want to return to E90Post and provide the service to the forums members and help them to create their wish list, hope you can reconsider it and let us back and sponsor the forums again, Thanks!]

Here is our position:

We shipped a diffuser to customer Hidesh [] that he ordered. The product left our shop in perfect condition but suffered shipping damage. Upon being notified of the situation we offered to send him a replacement as soon we can produce one, which takes about two to three weeks. This is because we have to fill our customer orders in the order which they are received.

We asked customer Hidesh for cooperation to claim compensation from the carrier by filing a damage goods report. Customer Hidesh was in a hurry to attend car show was impatient. We informed him we cannot reasonably send him a replacement in time for the show. He was anxious and he started posting damaged product photos on the forums. He posted negative comments on our Facebook page. We asked him to be patient while we worked to replace the item and kindly remove his comments on e90post, but he refused. He continuous to unfairly criticize our products and customer service.

Posting negative comments public forums does not help resolve the matter.

Shipping damage is beyond our control but we do our best to minimize the risks.

We stand by our products and take customer service seriously. You can ask the e90post members who have bought diffusers from us, and ask them about their experience with our product replacement policy. Everyone got their replacements without any problem.

Not many people know that we have been manufacturing everything in-house since the beginning of 2009.

In the past we outsourced production to a third party manufacturer that we eventually determined did not meet our quality standards. That’s why we decided to make everything in house so we can control the quality on our products and deliver an excellent product to the customer.

In order for us to remain successful and continue to make high quality products we need your support.

If you have any questions or want to find out more about our currently design projects, feel free to contact us through our web site: or

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