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How to use touch up paint!

A few days ago I went to the dealer and bought some interior cleaner, I also got touch up paint with a clear coat. This morning I pulled into a parking lot and I am pulling up and I didnt feel anything so I got out and looked my front bumper was on top of the curb. I was so so mad my car is a 2007 and its unbelievably clean only 42k miles. I feel so stupid I am so OCD about paint and curb rash. I wiped off the area and applied some touch up paint,it looks uneven I dont like it .How can I make it blend in better I also had a small stone chip on hood which went to the metal. Also the scrape on the bumper took off the white paint and turned black went all the way day its not really deep at all but it took off the paint, its very small.

Should I apply paint than water sand then apply clear than wax... please help me with the steps for both the metal body and the plastic body thanks so much-Denise