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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
The whole Hi Fi system is weak .
So adding a sub to a weak system gets you a weak system with a sub.
But that's what many want these days.

There are many good systems listed
in the Hi Fi section of this thread

By the way you never did state the price.
I know the system is weak but Its alright for me. Don't think it's worth upgrading hifi amp since idk how much longer is have the car. My main thing is to get a cleaner bass hit than the junk in there.

Settled on avoiding shallow mounts and going with either a single jl 12w3v3, or 2 (maybe 1) jl 10w3v3. As for an amp, not sure what to run so that's where I'm at right now. Plan on making a modified DIY/making custom box.

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