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Also most netbooks at 8-10 inches,mine is 11.6 its by far the best netbook available at the best the store at the time. Plus the HDMI port lets me hook it up to my 60 inch flat screen and im able to stream movies and videos and watch it on the tv in HD so im very happy with the acer. if your looking for something cheap and good.Look for the acer aspire one 722 i think the 2gb version at walmart is like 200 dollars which is amazing price for such a good quality 11.6inch netbook with all the bells and whistles such as HIGH DEF,HDMI,Front camera,WIFI,dual core,HD internet, its 1366x768 LED LCD so its pretty damn good for $200 dollars and you can infact upgrade it to 4-8gb and also has an SD port.