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I just took my car in because the brakes are causing vibration. And the dealer here in Germany said that the rotors and probably pads need to be changed and I'm only at 36,000Km! I told him that should be a warranty issue and he said absolutely no brake parts can be replaced under warranty. I don't track my car and I drive a lot of highway miles. In my mind the rotors are defective. The front brakes were noisy the first day I picked the car up (about 18 months ago) but brake noise isn't necessarily an issue. It would go away after braking a bit. So I just thought it was dirt/rust, etc. But now I guess I know that there was a defect from the beginning. BMW is on my $hit list at the moment. I need to contact the factory when I figure out how. The dealer here in Germany wants € 550 for just the front rotors!