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Originally Posted by mikayls101
Hi everyone, so I have a 2007 328i e92. I have been driving the car and everything has been working 100%

When I got home last night I parked it and the next morning when I went to start it it cranked a few times them completely stopped cranking and wouldn't crank or turn over anymore.

It has been cold here in the mornings in NY

I checked the battery and it works, even tried jump starting it still nothing. When I hit the start button with the brake depressed there is one click from the engine compartment and I could also hear the fuel pump pumping and that's it. It will not turn over or crank.

Any input will be great, tried doing some research but I couldn't find anything related to mine

I need help desperately
I had the exact same symptoms. Mine cranked with progressively less gusto for the last half dozen starts until, in my driveway fortunately, it failed. I installed the new starter last night. Not a bad job. It took me about 4 hours. You'll need new starter bolts and intake seals along with the starter if you're a DIY kind of guy.