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need help - clear coat peeling?

So I wash my new to me 09 e92 with dish detergent because I am going to clay polish and wax it today.

I decided to polish out a scratch on the rear bumper cover first. I get the Griot's polisher and some machine polish 1 and start working on it, then I suddenly notice a spot that looks like clear tape peeling up. I stop and peel some of it with my finger....

Then I realize it is all over my bumper. Am I peeling off my clear coat? it comes off in pieces like very thin cellophane. Also there are spots of reddish brown on my bumper and where I peeled off the clear stuff those spots came off. The bumper looks just as shiny where I have peeled off this film.

Has my bumper been repainted poorly and am I peeling off clear coat? Could it have been covered with some kind of sealant that would peel off this way?

If I am going to have to repaint my bumper should I replace it with a differnt bumper cover? (e92 328i)