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I didn't take many photos as I was in a rush to get it done - its very simple to do if you follow the following steps:

Remove the DVD drive from the car - this is pretty painless as all you need to do is pull the heater controls away from the dash, you may need to lift the trim above that a little bit out the way - undo the 4 screws holding in the DVD unit - pull the unit out and unplug all the connectors at the back (I removed the gear knob for more room).

Remove the front panel with the buttons and volume knob on - held on by 2 small screws.

Take the top cover off the unit, this is not screwed down so use a screwdriver to lift it up and away from the unit.

To get access to the drive you must remove the cd drive first so remove the 4 screws holding this in place from above and then the 2 screws at the front of the unit. This will allow you to lift the cd drive out the way which will give you access to the DVD drive.

The DVD drive is held down by 4 screws from above and 2 from the front - the front screws are tiny torx bits and when I say tiny I mean tiny. Remove these screws and you can then remove the drive - unplug the 2 cables and for the new drive, the bigger connector on the new drive is slightly different so all you need to do is push the new cable into the slot and push down the brown slide which traps the cable.

That's it really - as I said if anyone wants a hand doing theirs and are in the Cheshire area just give me a shout.
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