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Originally Posted by dolu57 View Post
hi moreno1 and all,

can you confirm me the way to proceed with NCSEXPERT (without using ncsdummies):
1 load expert profile...
2 ... read CAS
3 change the value you said (line 0030020...) in NETTODAT.trc (in WORK folder)
4 save as NETTODAT.MAN
5 in NCSEXPERT, load "revtor's profile" (or "FSW PSW MAN" which should be the same?)
6 click "Basic Functions" and select "coapiCodeSgByNettoData"
7 Nettodatenliste: select my NETTODAT.MAN
8 click OK to code the car.

I think the previous coding i've already did will be alaways on my car...

This will be the first time i will code my car with nettodat so i hope it will be OK

thanks and i hope my english isn't too bad
Yes thats the correct way...Good luck...If you dont like the mirror to close simulataneously with the door then code in value 05

It will make it close almost the same time. Quick press of keyfob closes doors, but a quick press for a 1/2 second more close the mirrors..