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Originally Posted by SpartanGA View Post
To be clear, the red and blue CAN bus wires can be removed ONLY and the also put unit in Map 0 and clear codes...then the car can be scanned and deemed stock electronically? What about the 12V power? Remove that prior to disconnecting the CAN wires? keep power to the Procede even after the CAN wires are disconnected?

Lastly, do you know the bulletin # for the anti-trap you mention? They did nothing to my windows...they only lubed the seals on the top itself.

I only noticed they had a little yellow/grey handheld device and looked like they may have plugged into the OBD port.

Correct. You ONLY need to remove the red and blue CAN bus wires. Nothing else. Power to the Procede is OK and put on Map 0.

If they used a handheld yellow scanner, that is NOT the BMW equipment. The BMW stuff will not scan with everything hooked up I can assure you.

SIB # is 51 10 11