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Winters worked just fine for me when I finally got going. My only issue was ground clearance. They didn't plow the exit of my parking garage, so it was pretty high snow. Looks like SUV's were plowing through it fine...not sure why I thought I could do the same (guess got cocky with the x-drive) but bottomed the bumper/undertray out on the decline to the street, and spent a solid 15 minutes (with the help of a friendly pedestrian) digging the snow out under/infront of the car so I could remove enough snow to be able to clear the height with the decline to the street. After that, the car was a champ (again minus the bumper acting as a snowplow at times). Hope I didn't damage anything on the bumper or under the car. The plastic tray seems to be a pretty good protection, just a little bit of a cringe whenever you hear something hitting it.