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HELP! D; Thermostat and electric water pump fail???

It's -10 degrees outside when the water temperature warning showed up. First it was yellow, then turned red..... The engine fan was also going erratically loud.

Also, I was doing about 60, chilling on the right lane, taking my time....

Are these the symptoms of a failed water pump that's apparently common amongst N52?????

I'm legit-ly scared right now.......

It was working perfectly yesterday. And now I got this:

(on iPhone, will post pics later)

So, after arriving at my destination (thankfully not all that far) and parked the car for 2 hours, and then started the car again, i got another code. I assume its the coolant this time...

Also, there was absolutely ZERO heat in the AC, and the dash said it was -14 degrees outside, when weather is saying around -8...

I have now over 118,000 km on the car.
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