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Originally Posted by RiCh_SD View Post
I'm looking to buy a used E90 and thought I'd go for a CPO from a dealership but after seeing this one I'm not too sure anymore. How can this dealer sell this car as a CPO? I have no idea

I thought they were pretty strict and went over the cars in detail before certifying them?

The only good thing for me about a CPO is the extended warranty but you end up paying about 2k extra for a CPO car anyway. I think I will look for one on sale privately which has full history and documentation then have a PPI done before buying it. If I really want the warranty then I will pay $2k out of pocket and get it for the peace of mind.

It just makes me wonder how many cars are out there with a clean Carfax but a whole lot of hidden history being sold as CPO.
A car that has been in an accident can be CPO'd. I've heard many people say that a lot of dealers don't really even do "extensive" inspections on the car and simply just slap on the CPO. I don't know if it's true or not but I wouldn't be surprised if some dealers did do that.