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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
my friend just purchased a blue BRZ. Very excited, especially since I convinced him too! His budget was around 25k and he wanted something fun. He was going to originally get something boring like a civic but I convinced him to try it out and he fell in love!

Hopefully once he learns stick I can go to a drag strip and race him. Of course, on a track he would kick my ass xD.

Curious to see how a manual BRZ will go against my auto 128i. I should be able to edge him out, although he can do a quick launch.

I started saving my pennies so next year I can buy either a 235i or a BRZ WRX STI .
You don't get a BRZ/FRS to go fast in a straight line (although there are already turbo'd BRZs doing 11s in the quarter mile)

You get a BRZ to have an ultimate driving machine. A tossable car that will stay totally planted on the turns due to its light weight and low center of gravity.

More power can never hurt but that's not the point of this car. It has plenty of power for its weight.

And to be honest a BRZ vs a 128i stock isn't an auto-win for the 128i. A 135i would crush a BRZ in a straight line (of course), but a 128i? I'm not so sure.

Nevertheless, regardless of the outcome my original point still stands.