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Originally Posted by Groundpilot View Post
You said you have found an issue with some of BMWs DME code.
Does it apply to 135i also? I think its the same n55 engine, am i right? You didnt post this in 1 addict section, so
just want to make sure before i order the tune, since my car was built in march of 2010. One of the first ones.
It could apply to any N55. Your best bet is to go to the dealer for an update just to be sure you're on a known good (newer) rom. The older roms seemed to have idle and cold start quirks as well, so an update could help the car feel better as well. If you do purchase an AP and have any issues or get an unsupported rom, feel free to email me directly and I'll help get you sorted as quick as possible.

Originally Posted by Ranoz View Post
I've got 9780B ROM and my car was built in Jan 2011. I will try to update my ROM, but does it have to be the most updated version? Or apart from those two bad versions, anything is newer would be fine?
Anything newer than 9780B will be fine. There are at least 3 major revisions beyond this and we've verified the code in all of these to make sure that they won't cause a problem.