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Originally Posted by rios0311 View Post
Why would you go to the dealer if you've downloaded the map updates and you're getting the FSC codes from Sergej?
Sorry - I meant to say the Nav firmware update that would allow me to upgrade to the 2013 maps using USB.

Fortunately, after going to this link: I was able to verify that my iDrive version is the latest - WOOO HOOO!

For anyone interested, after entering my VIN, here's the message I got back:

Software update with BMW ConnectedDrive.

You are running the latest software. There is no software update available.
To perform the software update via USB stick, you will require the USB audio interface (included in optional equipment codes 6FL, 6NK or 6NL) as well as the Control Display and iDrive. This offer is only available for selected vehicles manufactured after March 2010. Your vehicle can be updated provided that you have the ‘Software update’ option on your ‘Settings’ menu in the Control Display.

With this information, I was able to connect with Sergej, procure the FSC code, and the rest is history.

Basically, I saved a ton of money "by switching to Geico"

Whoda thunk it sticking it to the stealership would be this much fun!