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Originally Posted by TenshiWingusu
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ETS tuning solution will be nothing special. Your best bet is Cobb. I use it and love it.
Why wont it be special? Can't it write to all the tables in the DME? That seems like a pretty powerful tool to someone who knows how to use it. Way better than a piggyback no? maybe i'm wrong though..
There is numerous flash tunes that can write to all the tables within the DME. The limitations come from understanding how they all correlate and being able to overcome hurdles in the DME logic. Cobb is the only N54 tune I am aware of that actually writes code to change logic within the DME. The tables Cobb has made available in ATR/ATP are only a fraction of what they can read. Also keep in mind that ATR is currently free, I suspect the paying version will be much more robust and in depth whenever they decide to release it.