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Originally Posted by Juiced46

If they are installing only 1 injector it will be the older style 261 not the 079 part #.

The 079 is not compatible with the 261 per a recent DCS message. Also the 261s are being phased out so the only thing that will be availble soon are the 079s. That being said, if you need 1 079 you need to replace all 6 injectors since you cannot mix them.

Another note to mention. When you do get a new 079 injector and you check the injector itself it will say 261-11 it will not have the 079 part # on it FYI.

Like mentioned they "claim" its a better internal fitering and the thermo compenstating oil
Is there a software update that comes along with the these newest injectors? (Besides coding the calibration #s)