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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
I have to laugh because the candy store has run dry now everyone just throws in the towel. I won't make excuses for Shiv and his business, but I do know he has been busy with projects. Everyone want's the latest beta, WHY? You have the platform to tune your car, go pull logs and play around with boost, timing and pull a few more whp out of your existing tune. I just tuned my buddies N55 and it's stupid quick now. So people just need to get off their asses. If Shiv spent all his time babysitting the people who bitch on this forum all the time he wouldn't get anything done. You have a real issue, post it. There are a lot of people here that can help. Unfortunately you have to put up with all the haters who will take the time to blast a thread as if they have something important to say. If you don't like something, change it. Otherwise all I can say is shut the hell up because stupid threads like this don't do anything for our community.
We pretty much have one map, that is ridiculous for all the fueling options that are now available. I know you have the flex-fuel setup but most of us don't know the details of this since it wasn't followed through with much from vishnu.

So lets think of the logical fueling options that can be used.

1.) 93 no meth
2.) 93 with meth
3.) 93 with e85 no meth
4.) 93 with e85 with meth

Instead we have
1.) 93
2.) meth

This is something that vishnu was suppose to address and him selling the flex fuel attachment is ridiculous. If you fill your car up with 50% e85 regardless if it good 80% e85 or crappy 60% e85, you still are going to be able to max out ignition advance and boost regardless of how pure the e85 is.

We need more maps with the new fueling options now available. You have to know agree with that.