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Originally Posted by 4Mula1
Originally Posted by GodLy
Nice job! But e46 with wrap in black matte makes car look worse... :|
Apparently the three people who bought my cars did not think so.
Not only did the sales of the cars pay for an E90 but the first wrap landed me a position with a Fortune 100 company. In addition to an awesome career the matte E46's were a rolling portfolio that provided a steady stream of wrap business.
So I would have to ask. When was the last time you modded your car and made money from it? Landed a job because of it or made enough money to buy other mods or take your family on vacation? I would have to guess for most the answer would be never.
Lol. Dude seriously everybody has there own opinion you take the comments a little to heart which is amusing. Yes the wrap job was done very well from the looks of the pictures therefor I can see people wanting you to do wrap jobs for the and inquiring about your services. Now as I stated earlier the e46 wrapped in matte black basically looking stock is not a great look IMO atleast, you need a nice drop and a nice set of wheels to go with the aggressive matte colour. So yes the work is done good can't deny that doesn't mean the car is a looker cause it wasn't as most of your wrapped cars weren't considering they were stock looking matte black cars which looks a bit like a unfinished paint job when the car is so stock