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Originally Posted by Wes335XI
I never agreed with the single turbo upgrade in the first place. The beauty of a twin turbo or twin scroll vehicle is the response and lack of turbo lag. Rob Beck or Vargas stage 2 all day, everyday. Plus add in the G5 and it is a beautiful thing. I think we have all seen the video of the two vehicles going down the track, the one with the single turbo made so much power it could not even get down the track. While the one with RB's made the low 11 second, 128mph pass. Just seems like a waste of money when you can accmoplish the same thing for a lot less and still have a daily driver.
So you can accomplish 660whp with RBs and Vargas stage 2? No. If you can't put down the horsepower, pay for suspension bits and fenders and tires that will allow you to. It's a joke to say that the single turbo conversion is pointless, you are basically telling us that you can't control the car that has 140+more whp than current RBs are putting down. Pay to play you know the saying.

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