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Originally Posted by SassyMcSass
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So much hate on Shiv! No more updates from him while he goes quiet causes a large scene on e90post! Remember the good old days when his silence meant he was up to something for this platform. You guys all make it seem like he doesn't care about this platform, just wait a little bit and something new will be brought to the table. Until then I guess you could keep bashing shiv and Vishnu, it's a little fun to watch
I didn't start this thread to bash him. I'm legitimately wondering where he went. Is he dead? Is he banned? Is he chained to a bed in a Mexican prison? He was all hot and bothered to talk about his fuel upgrades and then months pass with not even so much as a reply to his own thread. It's very odd. I was not aware customers were waiting for promised software updates and things of that nature. They just seem to be chiming in here out of general frustration.
I agree with your statement of people posting out of general frustration. A lot of people have known shiv since before this platform and have had negative opinions of him from the get go, so every time there is a thread of Vishnu of some sort they feel the need to troll. I can understand personal opinions but they can be left out of every thread.

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