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Originally Posted by kavadarci View Post
I just did my front and rear diff oil, brake flush, CDV valve.
Oil from bmw was few bucks more but i know it works.
i got transfer case oil but couldn't get to the filler cap (horrible design).
my tranny oil was changed so didn't touch that.
car has 112.000 km.

i would also do the sparkplugs
my .02
Spark plugs done in August.

I've been stocking up a lot of the Castrol Syntec LL-01 oil. They were $7.40/L so I stocked up on those.

Kbimmer - How much did it cost to you to do the tranmission oil?

Which Royal Purple do I use? Not sure what to use here.

For the rear differential fluid
Red Line 57904 (75W90) Synthetic Gear Oil - 1 Quart

Would that be ok?

Originally Posted by marcvtec View Post
Kn filter , performance improvements
Decided to just use the OEM filter. Just don't feel right or comfortable hacking some piece off for a drop-in filter. Might get a intake system that just bolts on after without any tinkering.