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Bro I had the same exact thing you were experiencing. Brake light would flash red and yellow, DSC light, traction control light, speedometer would cut in and out and all this would happen randomly. I thght it was a wheel sensor at first and thght it could have even been the cable that runs from the battery to the fuse box but I had the car hooked up at an Indy here and basically what was happening was that my voltage would bounce from 12, 14, and as high as 16 volts which I guess was causing all my lights to come on like that. The weird thing was that my hid while driving would stay on but my rear brake lights would flash in and out whenever the lights would come on in the dash. The awesome thing is that it got rid of my rough idle too when I was at idle. I thght I was just going to have to live with that thing forever but now it stays at 600 rpms. Hope this helps man.