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I understand there's approx 40-50 ICs sent to Nick in California me being one of them, very true Chris we should not be garnering any company unless you can produce evidence, In my case as you well KNOW i cater RENNtech because of me being a loyal customer and great product, I cannot say much about WAGNER since i have not installed the product and have no DATA to back it up!!! I firmly believe that Turbo Eddie should be commended on this since he was the FIRST person in the US (that we know of ) that used a Cx Racing IC from a 335i and converted it to a 335d. TE and myself have spoken NUMEROUS times and he did comfirm to me that insatlling a better FLOW IC can improve performance and MILEAGE, he stated to me that he avergaed 45-47 mpg hwy. TE is NO SLOUCH he is very honest and has done numerous personal projects and he told me he was at the 24 Sebring Race IN THE COCKPITS working for a particular racing team I will not disclose. So there you go enjoy
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