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Originally Posted by sheps View Post
Si,hits the nail on the head,shame it wasn't in Hammond's!
I'm now running a week late,mainly because of DoI.

I very much like DoI,it gives me the opportunity to doze off without risk of interruption.

After a couple of minutes of slagging off the Orish bint, for on the most part her questionable dress sense,it always looks like that she's gone on a clothes hanger dash through Quality Seconds,and then popped next door to Matalan (shite like this matters!),anyway after the bitch fest,I tend to enter a coma like state for quite some considerable time.
I always blame the medication anyway.

Si,I had you down as a much younger Guy,William Woollard shirley comes from an age of valves,and the test card.

I enjoyed the road trip last week immensely,yes,you get the twattish schoolboy jokes,May's hair is looking more and more like a shrub at the bottom of the garden,whilst Clarkson's eyebrows are having a life of there own,and are clearly looking to take over his face.

Hammond wears eyeliner and mascara,so no need to dwell on it.

The trouble with Top Gear is it's such a popular show abroad,so the BBC need their pound of flesh in pound notes,thus the content is made to appeal to a much wider audience.
This is in itself the problem,the 'real' audience,us Guys,are no longer being catered for,shame.

Reading back my post,it's worryingly gay,and very feminine,my relationship with Mr One eyed Jack needs some serious work!

I will be better by the time of the meet Si,so don't worry needlessly

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