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Originally Posted by rich123321 View Post
Not sure. If it works but its not the right time you can see which values change and hex edit it to 10 seconds in nettodat
Ok that sounds doable, however I will require some help in the editing Nettodat hex values

I know the Nettodat is that file with all the hex code NCS brings up when we read the module.

So what youre suggesting is that I read the module with AUTOM_LICHT_ABSCHALTUNG in nicht_aktiv and save it, and then read the module again with it as AUTOM_LICHT_ABSCHALTUNG in aktiv.

Compare the two files to see what changes and then read the hex value and edit to the correspoding value, lets say 10s.

Doing the reading of the two versions is easy, but how do I compare the two files and make out what the hex values are? Any help here