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2013 E90/e92 Group Buy - East Coast




I found the second group buy last year not to be too worth while in regards to the shipping costs and
time it took to organize. Therefore, I would like to push for 1 Group buy only per year.
My full time job is also really time consuming.

If my second potential supplier gets on board, I might do a group buy with them later on,
but not with the same parts. So far no word back from them.



Minimum of 20 parts must be ordered to make this happen.

Information and Link below:

Different from last year:

-I now carry the M-Tech front replica bumper for the E92, both LCI and Pre-LCI.

-Unfortunately, the Aero lip is no longer being carried by my supplier, so I will outsource someone else if there is enough demand.

- I carry F10 M-Tech and M5 Style Body Parts! Spread the work to your F10 buddies please

- I have compared prices to local competitors and stores in the US to ensure you get the best price available, if you have any questions or concerns, do let me know.

How to Order

Once the link is posted, send me a message with the following information:
- Full Name
- Address
- Contact Number
- Email Address
- Items you want to Purchase

In turn I will prepare a purchase order for the items and send it back to you.

I accept payment via Paypal as a primary method of payment as I pay my supplier in California via Paypal.

I will also accept instant bank transfers to the email I use to communicate with you.

Cash payment is a last resort. No credit cards accepted.

Where Do I Get My Parts?

- I am partnered with StreetXtreme located at 8 Laidlaw Blvd, Markham, ON
The owners are Patrick and Ron.

- My shipment goes straight to the shop, where I look over the items, put your names on the parts you ordered accordingly, and they will remain there for pick up.

- StreetXtreme offers paint and installation to all parts I sell. If you want to use their services, they will give you a discounted price because you are part of my group buy. They are open on the weekends and are open long hours of the day and weekend. It is easy to go get your parts from them.

- I suggest you pass by so they can look at your car to ensure 100% paint match. They use German paint, and will paint match perfectly. The people that work their are extremely pleasant to deal with. Fitment with replica parts can be tricky, StreetXtreme has dealt with almost 100 parts from my previous orders, they know how to install them correctly.

UPDATE: What Special Deal on Paint and Install is StreetXtreme Offering?

Group buy Special rates from StreetXtreme which can't be beat!

Front or Rear Bumper: Paint $250.00 with Install $300.00
Side Skirts: Paint $300.00 with install $400.00 for the pair
Trunk: Paint $250.00 with install $300.00
Hood: Paint $300.00 with install $350.00

100% Paint match with quality German paint. Installed with care to ensure quality fitment!

SPECIAL THANKS to the owners of StreetXtreme Ron and Patrick for these stellar prices! For comparison sake they charge around $500.00 to $600.00 per bumper to a regular customer.

When Will My Order Come In?

-I will take orders for approximately 3-4 weeks before placing an order. I need at least 25 parts on order before I do a shipment.

-Once the order has been fulfilled, the supplier needs approximately 2 days to package everything up, and my shipping company takes approx 5 days to bring the shipment up.

What if My Order Arrives, But The Parts Are Not What I Ordered?

- Unfortunately last year we had a few issues with the wrong part coming in. If this happens, I will eat the cost and give a full refund as I must take the blame for my suppliers error.

- Fortunately, we do 2-3 group orders (pending on demand), so I will offer a discount to you if you wish to re-order on the second group buy. Last year we did 3 Group buys, perhaps we can do the same this year, or at least pull off two group buys.

- While I have little control to ensure my supplier does not mess up the order, I will do all I can on my end to ensure a best possible end result. You will never be expected to purchase an incorrect item that has arrived.


- The link will show two prices, the first price is in US Currency, and it is the cost of the item you wish to purchase. The second number is in CAN Currency, and represent the shipping and duties.

- You can pay both items noted above separately in Paypal. With the first payment in US Currency and the second Payment in CAN currency.

- Please keep in mind, with both numbers combined, its still lower than local companies selling similar items.

- US Companies charge in excess of $300 to get a bumper shipped here, I charge a maximum of $90 for a bumper, trunk, or hood!! This price can't be beat, and its coming in a secure palette, not being thrown in a UPS truck on its own where it can possibly get damaged.

- You are getting the cheapest shipping and duties rate while getting the safest shipping method.

Ok show me the parts!

I still need to make the website with images and information on the parts, so I will be working on it this week. But I have compiled a list of items and prices here:

What About the West Coast?

- My shipping company will ship to the West Coast, however, you guys in the West need to get a representative that I can deal with, and have my shipping company deliver to you. If you guys can organize this, get back to me in PM to discuss further. Minimum of 1 palette must be ordered. (approx 20 parts)

- I will not ship parts separately to people, I did this last year and was taken advantage of, the experience and trouble is not worth it on my end.

- The difference in pricing would be that I would have to charge double on the shipping, since I need to pay to get it shipped here, and then pay again to get it shipped to the West Coast. On a positive note, that's still a maximum of $180 for a bumper, trunk, or hood (biggest parts).

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