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Originally Posted by Dunkinvenn View Post
Thanks for the reply, corbin. It looks like 135i_vs_ also had the DDE replaced and saw issues afterwards. My intervals between injector failures go up to 11,000 miles so I'm not sure when I can start trusting it.

I did look at this but honestly I think I'll get rid the car first. I'll post up my whole history as soon as they upgrade my account, but I spent all of 2012 with this thing in and out of the shop. I'm convinced the 335d is a hobby toy and not a viable primary vehicle.

Sad to see all of these reports of troubles on the D.

I've been a Bimmer'holic for the last 20 years and have had huge urges to pick up a 335D. I travel 75+ miles per day for my commute and love the idea of Diesel economy with the thrill of BMW performance.

I've driven a couple BMW Ds over the the years. An e46 320d as a rental in Europe back in 2002. And a couple 335D loaner cars more recently. I'd been waiting for them to fall down into the ~$25k price range for a nice used one.

However to be honest, all of these poor reviews and carbon issues have me very very hesitant to touch this car.

I'm sure it is an intoxicating ride...but given all of these many of you would want to own this car out of warranty?

Starting to sway towards a jetta TDI. Then again, they have their HPFP issue.

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