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Originally Posted by MiStR StEvO View Post
So theoretically after a proper coil over install the headlights should still be level and not point downwards or upwards since the auto levelers "reset" after you start the engine? I would think they need to put adjusted to go a tad bit higher to compensate for the car being a bit lower to shine further down the road.
They don't reset after a restart. It'll just do a self check and if you installed the front sensor arm wrong it may point downwards all the time. I made that mistake by clipping on the sensor clamp incorrectly, my headlights were aiming to the ground and barely moves when doing the self check and after my friend helped me correctly installed the arm everything was fine. Didn't had to adjust the aim or whatever.

Just a tip! Before removing the front sensor while working on your suspension I suggest snapping a picture of the orientation of how the sensor is clamped on the lower control arm